Vennco Waxing Kit, Wax Warmer Kit for Coarse Hair Removal, Hard Wax Kit with 14oz Hard Wax Beads for Bikini Brazilian Legs Armpit Face Full Body Waxing


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Vennco Waxing Kit, Wax Warmer Kit for Coarse Hair Removal, Hard Wax Kit with 14oz Hard Wax Beads for Bikini Brazilian Legs Armpit Face Full Body Waxing

  • Coarse Body Hair Specific: Our wax beads made from most elastic formula is highly effective on coarse hair. This new formula traps hair like no other as hair grips tightly to the wax making your pull effective and delay further growth. Effective for removal of coarse and short hairs and Perfect for bikini, Brazilian, underarm, chest, legs and facial.
  • >98% Hair Removal Effectiveness: The wax warmer kit includes 4 bag natural wax beads, allows to apply a thin layer of the wax, remove at least 98% of Coarse body hair at one time, say you’ll save time and cause less of a mess than some other hair removal waxing kit! At home waxing has never been faster or easier! Get perfectly smooth skin without spending a lot of time and money!
  • Waxing Kit for Sensitive Skin: Vennco hard wax beans, made from special creamy formulation, protect it from inflammation and eliminating discomfort caused by removing hair from the roots. You will be able to achieve smooth and hairless skin in minutes with less discomfort!
  • Painless Wax Kit for Hair Removal: Vennco hard wax infused with moisturizing Aloe extracts adheres to the hair rather than the skin. Unlike traditional methods of waxing, reducing the pain of body waxing by 50%! Making painful waxing a thing of the past!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! – If you don’t like Vennco wax kit for hair removal or have any problems with it, please don’t hesitate to contact us via, we promise a FULL REFUND or FREE REPLACEMENT to fix the issue for you.
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434 reviews for Vennco Waxing Kit, Wax Warmer Kit for Coarse Hair Removal, Hard Wax Kit with 14oz Hard Wax Beads for Bikini Brazilian Legs Armpit Face Full Body Waxing

  1. Sofia Regalado

    Great product!! In love with it, easy to use and worth every penny.

  2. Maricela Murillo Meza

    This product is very easy to use! Instructions are very simple and the price is unbeatable! Will be purchasing more soon ☺️

  3. Harper Ellsworth

    Great reviews and excellent product if you know how to wax!

  4. Hamor Colmenares

    I think it works every well so far but hope it keeps working because I have bought another one but didn’t really work

  5. Makalie Martin

    Great product, easy instructions with a lot of information, very self explanatory and not hard to use at all. The reviews were very helpful with understanding an gave great tips on how it use very pleased.

  6. Lauren Kubistek

    Good deal on product, price was great for what all was included

  7. Amber White

    Great kit. I referred your wax kit to 2 of my friends and they have both ordered and loved it as well.

  8. Deztiny Detvongsa

    The packaging is great, the look is sleek as the product was inexpensive. I have not tried the wax but the reviews look good.

  9. Dennis Del Villar

    Leaves skin smooth and soft and doesn’t leave a rash.

  10. Consuelo aguilar

    Nice product easy and convenient

  11. Emily Mankey

    I really like this kit! It is easy to use and I like that there is a variety of different wax beads with it. It its to heavy or bulky either.

  12. Arely Pasarin

    I think is product is great since it has everything necessary without making extra purchase and all for a great price.

  13. Morgan Turner

    The wax warmer is really easy to use!!

  14. Courtney Hill

    I love it literally does everything its supposed to do and i will never ever use a razor again!! I love this wax machine and i will be purchasing again for a GIFT for a family member its just that good thank you guys so much it’s awesome

  15. Melissa Cronce

    i ilke having it verse going to sumewhere .

  16. Brittany Anaya

    I just received it in the mail,im new to hard waxing and am hoping this is an easy alternative from shaving.

  17. Emily

    I like it, the product works really well. This is my first time waxing and i had no problems

  18. Aaliyah Richardson

    The warmer is great the beads may be a problems but I can work with that I have coarse hair and so far it works okay

  19. Isela Quiñones

    It works extremely well for the price, it’s not to small it’s perfect size!

  20. Tae

    I have nothing to say about the product.

  21. Amy Stockham

    Works great just do a small amount at a time

  22. Angelika Leu

    I like the fact that is not sticky and and it doesn’t burn my skin or irritates my Sensitive parts

  23. Danielle Halle

    I absolutely love it! This is something I have wanted for a very long time and I finally decided to get it! I am loving it so far!

  24. Ivia Rivera

    Is way more easier than other products I have used in the past. From 1 to 5 I’ll give it a 5 when it comes to quality of the product itself.

  25. Allie-Marie Castellano

    It really hurts. I didn’t think it would be as bad as it is.

  26. Kendall Payne

    Absolutely love it! Makes it so much easier to get ride of my unwanted hair! So much quicker and fun than shaving!

  27. Lauren Mary Pfaff-Caves

    Easier to use than expected. Not painful and got great results!

  28. Suzanne Bakken

    Love this warmer. I bought it to replace a very old one I had and needed one with strapless wax beads. I use this mainly for eyebrows & underarm and it works great. Very easy.

  29. Amenra Webster

    It’s really grabs the hair

  30. Violeta

    I love it it really useful ive been using it for a couple days and it removes my hair fast

  31. Sukhpreet Kang

    I really liked the product and how easy it is to travel with it incase I’m going on a trip and don’t want to shave the whole time. The beads worked great on removing my hair quickly without any pain from removal. The wax warmer quickly heated up the beads without any trouble.

  32. Kaiori

    It’s really nice. Takes up the majority of my hair

  33. Dyana Manikowski

    New to waxing this makes it easy and convenient at home.

  34. Karena Brown

    Very easy to use! Warmer is perfect!

  35. Ranjitha sherif

    It’s amazing kit for the price, it’s perfect for beginners

  36. Tabitha Rudicel

    Love it! It’s nice and affordable and very high quality

  37. kyra marie williamson

    I love the wax, and it heats up fairly quickly and it saves me way more time than shaving!

  38. Grizel

    This wax warmer is the best. I’ve had other brands before and this one by dar is my fav.

  39. Brittany Proctor

    Easy to use, well made durable

  40. Saini Datta

    Should provide Spatula. Would have been more convenient with it. Otherwise easy to use.

  41. jazmen green

    i think it’s a really nice way to remove hair and i love how smooth my legs are after i use it

  42. Amera Issa

    The product is Great for hair removing.

  43. Julia Paola

    I am extremely pleased with this product. It is of good condition and durable to hold the wax in. There is a good supply of wax beads included. I would highly recommend.

  44. Tanaya mccall

    This product worked really well.I like how easy it is to use and how the finished product turns out.

  45. Azia

    Get product! Easy set up! Pretty self explanatory

  46. Daisy Ng

    I like it. It is using easy. I guest my friend buy it

  47. Jocelyn Gifford

    I’ve used it once and had a good experience. Plan to keep using!

  48. Laura Draper

    So far it’s been really easy to use!

  49. Kumari Neupane

    My product arrived today, and I used the wax on my arms and legs, it greatly removed my hairs. I love the video.

  50. Nichelle Averett

    I haven’t had a chance to try it but it comes highly reviewed.

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