Vennco Waxing Kit, Wax Warmer Kit for Coarse Hair Removal, Hard Wax Kit with 14oz Hard Wax Beads for Bikini Brazilian Legs Armpit Face Full Body Waxing


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Vennco Waxing Kit, Wax Warmer Kit for Coarse Hair Removal, Hard Wax Kit with 14oz Hard Wax Beads for Bikini Brazilian Legs Armpit Face Full Body Waxing

  • Coarse Body Hair Specific: Our wax beads made from most elastic formula is highly effective on coarse hair. This new formula traps hair like no other as hair grips tightly to the wax making your pull effective and delay further growth. Effective for removal of coarse and short hairs and Perfect for bikini, Brazilian, underarm, chest, legs and facial.
  • >98% Hair Removal Effectiveness: The wax warmer kit includes 4 bag natural wax beads, allows to apply a thin layer of the wax, remove at least 98% of Coarse body hair at one time, say you’ll save time and cause less of a mess than some other hair removal waxing kit! At home waxing has never been faster or easier! Get perfectly smooth skin without spending a lot of time and money!
  • Waxing Kit for Sensitive Skin: Vennco hard wax beans, made from special creamy formulation, protect it from inflammation and eliminating discomfort caused by removing hair from the roots. You will be able to achieve smooth and hairless skin in minutes with less discomfort!
  • Painless Wax Kit for Hair Removal: Vennco hard wax infused with moisturizing Aloe extracts adheres to the hair rather than the skin. Unlike traditional methods of waxing, reducing the pain of body waxing by 50%! Making painful waxing a thing of the past!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! – If you don’t like Vennco wax kit for hair removal or have any problems with it, please don’t hesitate to contact us via, we promise a FULL REFUND or FREE REPLACEMENT to fix the issue for you.
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565 reviews for Vennco Waxing Kit, Wax Warmer Kit for Coarse Hair Removal, Hard Wax Kit with 14oz Hard Wax Beads for Bikini Brazilian Legs Armpit Face Full Body Waxing

  1. Yessi Rios

    I saw a review on tik tok & they said they were going on sale so i had to try it for myself. Honestly its makes my life easier & i can also help other people feel better about themselves. 10/10

  2. Itzel Illescas

    Love it it’s easy to use and safe as well as affordable and just amazing

  3. Priya Pahal

    I haven’t actually used it yet, but it looks like it works.

  4. Andrea Torres

    I haven’t used it yet but it seems really good it came with a seal and everything

  5. nathaly godinez vega

    it’s great! just recently used it after it’s got delivered to me and it worked wonders.

  6. Darian Lara

    Came in good packing with with good instructions and warnings. Only down side is can’t use on accutane and don’t understand why.

  7. Cinthia Lopez

    🥰 🥰 love it it is really great for the price and easy to use honestly I have always been scared to try hot things near my face not anymore!

  8. Sarah Moreno

    The product has a very classic design. Is a decent size since only I will personally be using it. Warms well and I like that it came with beads to try already. It came with everything you need for a basic starting kit

  9. Cassandra Terry

    I loved how easy it was to use and how cost effective it is! I also love how it saves you time.

  10. Katherine Rodriguez

    it’s very smooth, and works amazing. i’ve tried other products but they don’t work as much as this one! it’s so fun 🙂

  11. Mariah Pearson

    very easy to use with great directions

  12. Maria Gonzalez

    It’s amazingly Perú it would highly recommend and repurchase

  13. Lizbeth Mata

    love it!! ive been needing it!

  14. Leah Boarman

    I love it! Best wax machine I’ve ever owned and it makes my skin so soft and smooth.

  15. Breanna Cervantes

    Great use, did my eyebrows hair and came out perfect and clean !

  16. Timia Richardson

    Great product, nice and small to fit anywhere. Great for fast and good traveling and quick on the go waving

  17. gabriela

    i love it so much! it’s a really good product i’ve been wanting this forever . great deal

  18. Brooke Blakely

    The product works amazing. I am a beginner and it was so easy!

  19. Destini Thao

    Love how smooth the wax goes on! And how good it grabs onto the hairs!

  20. Feday Bruney

    Gaza. Mi just buy d Ting caa mi fren seh it cyan Mel d pum pum juicy

  21. Ashley gomez

    I really like it. Hight recommend other people to get it.

  22. Paulina Razo

    The waxing kit is very easy to use, and leaves the skins very smooth and clean. I would recommend this product to my friends.

  23. Sarandan Abernathy

    It was very easy to use. I have been happy with the product so far.

  24. Nicole Dini

    This is a great value! Would definitely recommend!

  25. Crystal Ortiz-Enriquez

    thank you for the product, i will use it well

  26. Sabrina D Jennings

    For the price of two chin waxes, I am set to wax my face for a good long time!

  27. Madalynn Turney

    I’ve been wanting to try waxing for a long time and I’m so excited to be able to do it at home!

  28. Saily Menjivar

    I love this it’s the best wax ever.

  29. Josie Buchanan

    I like this product it came nicely packed and clean. One little problem I had was a late delivery but other than that highly satisfied.

  30. Ché

    Very good, perfect size and a lot of product

  31. Talia Dickerson

    It is painless, very easy to work with and manageable. Non messy and easy to clean up.

  32. David Leamon

    Wife wanted to be able to do her eyebrows and with COVID and all that’s been going on she no longer has to try and find a place that is open but still has the look as if she did.

  33. Keante Coney

    Sleek look. Can’t wait to try the wax and the warmer

  34. Andrade

    It was packaged very well. Aswell as very affordable.It beans for the was is a plus and reqlly good product and what is also included

  35. Caitlin Fine

    Works great on fine and corse hair!

  36. Mia Cole

    I love the price and my sister who is a professional aesthetician said the quality is great and one she would use.

  37. Brooke Culp

    This is my first time using one and i love it. Worked great pain was very small. Deff will use all the time.

  38. Salina Leija

    I like that it came with 4 sample packs!! The directions were very clear

  39. Anahi Munoz

    Love the color goes perfect with my bathroom and it’s so easy to wax !

  40. Jessica Vincent

    I love the quantity of stuff I received with this for the price. The wax beads are amazing.

  41. Megan Albritton

    This warmer is amazing! I have used it on my face and and my bikini region. This wax works well on both!

  42. Oralia Chaidez

    Love it!! So easy to use and smooth

  43. Denise Lewis

    Seems great so far. Small and easy to use.

  44. Aly skoczek

    I love the wax beads that come with it.

  45. Brandy Sprague

    I’m excited to try it. I do however with the lid screwed onto the warmer.

  46. Caroline Miranda

    Very good product! It’s a reasonable price and it’s very cute and the packaging of the needs is nice

  47. Alyssa

    This is amazing. Really easy for beginners and definitely worth the price!

  48. Rachel Boyer

    Heated up quickly and wax went on smooth

  49. Adrian Alviso

    Easy to use light weight. Love the color.

  50. miranda james

    It’s wonderful, I’ve only had it for a few hours but my expectations were knocked out of the park. I was so sceptical at first cause I have such a difficulty time with hair removal. But this is awesome. Thank you.

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