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First time waxing?… No worries.


1. Do a 24-hour patch test to ensure no nasty reactions happen to your skin.
2. Get yourself ready with some type of floor covering(e.g., old newspapers) that you don’t mind getting wax on.
3. Hair should be at least 0.25inch (0.6cm-1cm) to facilitate an effective waxing.
4. Consistency of wax is KEY. This means wax is optimal to apply onto skin when it resembles thick honey. If you can scoop wax onto the stick and it doesn’t drip within 2 seconds, it’s ready to serve!
5. Right temp to wax SKIN is between 150°F to 180°F.


1. Pour wax beads into the warmer. Rotate the knob to MAX for fast melting.
2. After wax is half-melted, turn the knob halfway back to your desired temp.
3. Test a small amount on the outside wrist: wax is applied warm, NOT BURNING HOT.
4. Glide hard wax with pressure following SAME direction of hair growth.
5. Wait for wax to HARDEN(this usually takes about 30-45 seconds). When wax taps like plastic(not sticky) to your finger, it’s time to REMOVE.
6. Try to flick up the edge of the wax strip with finger, pull wax off in OPPOSITE direction of hair growth.


Always remember: Freshly waxed skin is ULTRA-SENSITIVE.
1. DO NOT touch newly waxed area to avoid bacteria build-up and infection.
2. DO NOT wear lotions or makeup to the to-be-waxed area in case wax doesn’t grip the hair properly.
3. DO NOT exfolaite immediately after treatment.
4. DO NOT sunbathe 24 hours before & after waxing.
5. DO NOT apply oily, heavily scented lotions or perfumes same day to the area treated. You don’t want to irritate and clog pores.
6. DO NOT shave between waxes. Hair may grow back thicker and darker.
7. DO NOT drink coffee or even alcohol to sensitize the skin. Try to avoid them a few hours before your session.
8. DO NOT wax during your period if you are very sensitive to pain.