Hard Wax Beans, Ajoura 2LB Wax Beads Hair Removal Kit All-Purpose, Moisturizing Waxing for Face, Bikini, Eyebrow, Legs, Back, Underarms, Large Refill Pink Wax for Any Wax Warmers


  • 🌷Premium Quality & Painless Waxing: Rose pink hard wax beads hair removal is a breeze. This kind of stripless face wax beads is painless, 100% natural ingredients rose formula ensures that the wax grips only the hair, not the skin. It’s fast melt and slow cooling points makes it firm but pliable and easily remove hair with your fingers.
  • 🌷Meet All Waxing Needs: 2LB rose hard wax beads, 2 x Pre & After Wax Spray, 20 x wax sticks. Ideal for all-purpose hair removal, especially for face fine hair, eyebrow, chin, upper lip, bikini, back, legs, chest. The large 2LB wax beans are compatible with any wax warmer, perfect refill your empty hair removal kit at any time.
  • 🌷DIY Waxing & Save Money: Going the DIY waxing can save money and gives you more freedom and independence since you can wax however and whenever you want. The results are long-lasting, after using at home wax beads for waxing remain hairless for a good 4 weeks. Now you can say goodbye to exorbitant waxing salon bills, cool wax beans indeed.
  • 🌷No Irritation & Moisturizing skin: No worry there is redness on your delicate skin while waxing, our pre&after wax spray is ready for you! With upgraded body wax beads and pre & after spray will minimize discomfort and protect you away from subsequent irritation, definitely moisturize and soothe skin.
  • 🌷100% MONEY BACK Commitment: Hairless skin is DIY hard wax hair removal goals. We provide quality guaranty and 100% money back within 1 year from purchase if you don’t like our hard wax beans kit. Any questions please feel free to reach us via email, we will help you out soon.


🙌Why Choose Our Ajoura 2LB Hard Wax Beans?

√Stripless, Non-sticky, Easy to Use and Mess-Free Hair Removal.

√Effectively Grips and Painlessly Pulls out unwanted Hair, including but not limited face, eyebrow, bikini, Brazilian armpit, legs, from the Finest Fuzz to the Coarsest Strands.

√Long-lasting results and inexpensive DIY home wax beans for hair removal alternative to professional salons.

√Get more waxing beads(2lb VS 1lb) at once to refill your waxing kit. Meet the whole body waxing needs.

👍How to Use Hard Wax Beans?

☛Heat up hard wax beans for painless until they melt into a smooth honey-like consistency mixture.

☛Apply to skin and let it harden – it will still be pliable. Tap it with your fingers to check if it has set and is ready to be removed.

☛Use fingers to rip off wax patch and enjoy smooth, silky, hair-free skin.

👄Tips for Maximizing the Lasting Power of Your Wax:

😄Be Patient and Let It Grow— Hair needs to grow at least a quarter of an inch long before you can wax it, as this length ensures that the hard wax can grip the hair and effectively pull it out without any breakage.

😄Maintain a Consistent Schedule—Maintaining a consistent, steady schedule of waxing beads for hair removal (after every 2 to 4 weeks, as required) will not only thin the hair and make it more sparse, it will also weaken the hair follicles and inhibit growth over time. Yes, this means staying regular during winter too.

😄Skincare is Key—Don’t neglect your skin before and after a wax! Make sure you exfoliate a day before you go for your wax, to remove dead skin and ensure optimal hair removal hard wax beads, and moisturize after the wax. Exfoliating and moisturizing between waxes keeps skin healthy and prevents ingrown hairs, leading to more even, longer-lasting waxes.


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